A New Chapter in School Keepsakes: Year on Deck®

Year on Deck® was created to complement and enhance the cherished tradition of school yearbooks. While yearbooks serve as timeless repositories of memories, Year on Deck® introduces an interactive, dynamic element that further engages students, offering a keepsake that is appreciated in the moment and treasured for years to come. Together, these keepsakes offer a comprehensive and fulfilling way to capture and relive the meaningful experiences of a school year.

Our Purpose

Embrace the Evolution of Cherished Keepsakes with Year on Deck!

Your timeless yearbook has taken a step forward in its journey of preserving memories. Introducing Year on Deck, your pocket-sized companion designed to enhance the impact of your yearbook. This fresh and interactive keepsake beautifully complements your yearbook, offering a richer and more dynamic celebration of student life.

With Year on Deck, we invite you to embrace the evolution of cherished keepsakes and embark on a new way to relive and cherish your school experiences.

Our Unique Value Proposition

1. Interactive Experience: Year on Deck® offers students a participatory experience. By voting for their peers in various categories, they participate in the keepsake creation process, making the product more meaningful.

2. Designed By Students, For Students: In a world where keepsakes often gather dust, bought more out of duty than desire, Year on Deck® flips the script. This isn't just a deck of cards; it's a cherished collection of memories students will love to use and hold onto.

Our Mission

Our mission is to breathe new life into the concept of school keepsakes. We want to make keepsakes fun again and ensure they continue to be a source of joy, bonding, and cherished memories.

Year on Deck® isn't just a keepsake—it's the start of a legacy! Be a trendsetter and hop on board to craft memories that won't just be saved but celebrated for years to come!