About Our Product

Year on Deck playing cards™ is a commemorative keepsake of the school year that compliments the yearbook. It’s a reflection of the student body, representing a variety of personalities, interests, and backgrounds. This beautiful diversity is showcased in the category of each card and will be enjoyed now and for years to come.

Year on Deck® is an interactive fundraiser for schools. Each deck of fifty-two cards is comprised of fifty-two fun superlative categories to vote from such as: Most likely to succeed and best dressed boy and girl. One category assigned to each card. The school body votes for their friends and fellow peers for each category. The person with the most votes in the categories will be featured on the cards in the Year on Deck® for the school year. The entire school gets involved and is part of the creativity and memories for Year on Deck®.


Unlike traditional fundraisers, where students are obligated to sell products and ask family and friends for donations, students purchase Year on Deck playing cards™ for themselves, like the Yearbook, and the school raises money.

Our most important decision was made when choosing the perfect deck. Year on Deck playing cards™ are 100 % plastic (PVC). 100% Plastic playing cards offer important advantages over plastic coated paper playing cards. You can expect 100% plastic decks to last as much as 20-30 times longer than paper. In addition to lasting over the long haul, 100% plastic playing cards will deliver the following advantages:

- Plastic playing cards are much more durable and resistant to bending, scratching, creasing.
- Plastic playing cards quickly "snap" back to their original shape.
- Plastic playing cards are easier to shuffle.
- Plastic playing cards are a pleasure to deal, they slide across the table felt easily.
- Plastic playing cards add a professional sense of quality to play with.

This quality standard will guarantee a premium product inherited in our brand.



Please Note: Advisor can change the title of any category.

  • A of spade - Most likely to be President
  • 2 of spade - Most likely to travel the world
  • 3 of spade - Most likely to win an Oscar
  • 4 of spade - Most likely by Parents
  • 5 of spade - Most Unforgettable
  • 6 of spade - Most likely to Brighten Your Day
  • 7 of spade - Beauty & Brains
  • 8 of spade - Teacher’s Favorite
  • 9 of spade - Share A Deserted Island With
  • 10 of spade - Most likely to marry a Millionaire
  • J ok spade - Superstar Senior
  • Q of spade - Miss. Teacher of the Year
  • K of spade - Mr. Teacher of the Year
  • A of heart - Student of the Year
  • 2 of heart - Best Dancer
  • 3 of heart - Best Hair
  • 4 of heart - Best Smile
  • 5 of heart - Best Laugh
  • 6 of heart - Creative Genius Award
  • 7 of heart - Girl Most likely to Succeed
  • 8 of heart - Boy Most likely to Succeed
  • 9 of heart - Nicest Person You’d Ever Meet
  • 10 of heart - Toughest Kid in School
  • J of heart - New Freshman on the Block
  • Q of heart - Prom Queen
  • K of heart - Prom King
  • A of clubs - Most likely to be Famous
  • 2 of clubs - Most likely to win the Voice
  • 3 of clubs - Most likely to write a Novel
  • 4 of clubs - Class Clown
  • 5 of clubs - Biggest Flirt
  • 6 of clubs - Life of the Party
  • 7 of clubs - Most Friendly
  • 8 of clubs - Prankster
  • 9 of clubs - Likely to Star in Their Own Show
  • 10 of clubs - Instagram Famous
  • J of clubs - Making Move Sophomore
  • Q of clubs - Drama Queen
  • K of clubs - Drama King
  • A of diamonds - Most Original
  • 2 of diamonds - Best Dressed Boy
  • 3 of diamonds - Best Dressed Girl
  • 4 of diamonds - Smartest Boy in School
  • 5 of diamonds - Smartest Girl in School
  • 6 of diamonds - Prettiest Girl in School
  • 7 of diamonds - Cutest Boy in School
  • 8 of diamonds - Next Top Model
  • 9 of diamonds - Next Pro Athlete
  • 10 of diamonds - Coolest Kid in School
  • J of diamonds - Rising to the Top Junior
  • Q of diamonds - Most Popular Girl in School
  • K of diamonds - Most Popular Boy in School
  • Joker - Principal
  • Joker - Assistant Principal