Year on Deck® – The New Social Currency of School Memories

The Evolution of Keepsakes: From Yearbooks to Year on Deck®

The yearbook captures the static memories of your school years in a beautiful visual format. Year on Deck® comes in to animate those memories, turning them into a social currency among friends and classmates. Both are essential for a rounded recollection of your school days.

Get Social, Get Decked

Year on Deck® has its own app where students can vote for peers in superlative categories. This is not just a keepsake; it's a community-building activity that adds a layer of social interaction to your school year memories.

Year on Deck®: A Social Keepsake

While yearbooks are often looked at once or twice a year, Year on Deck® invites constant interaction. Use them during game nights, class reunions, or casual hangouts. They're not just keepsakes; they're social tools.

Unforgettable Milestones – Celebrate with Yearbooks and Year on Deck®

The Graduation Package: Yearbooks + Year on Deck®

As graduation approaches, two keepsakes offer complementary ways to capture the essence of your school journey. Why not bundle them together as the ultimate graduation package?

Milestones Big and Small

Your yearbook may capture the milestone events, but Year on Deck® fills in the gaps by celebrating everyday victories and relationships. Together, they provide a complete look back at your academic journey.

How Year on Deck® Enhances Your Yearbook Experience

Capture + Play: A New Dynamic

Yearbooks capture Year on Deck® plays. Imagine flipping through your yearbook and then pulling out your Year on Deck® cards for a round of poker with classmates. Relive memories in two unique ways.

Interactive Yearbooks? Meet Year on Deck®

In the digital age, yearbooks have started to offer QR codes for video messages and interactive features. Year on Deck® takes this interaction to the next level by being a physically interactive keepsake.

Year on Deck® – An Educator’s Perspective

The Learning Value of Year on Deck®

Yearbooks showcase achievements, Year on Deck® can be a lesson in social dynamics, voting ethics, and even probability and statistics when used in classroom games. Educators can utilize this modern keepsake as an educational tool that complements the yearbook.

From the Classroom to the Living Room

Yearbooks often end up in the home library, while Year on Deck® cards might end up in your living room or even your pocket. Both keepsakes offer different touchpoints for memories, which students and educators appreciate.

The Emotional Impact of Keepsakes – Yearbooks and Year on Deck®

Memory Lane: Emotional Journey through Two Mediums

Yearbooks tap into the sentimental journey of a student's academic life through photos and captions. Year on Deck® extends this emotional connection by capturing real-time sentiments and social vibes through its interactive platform. Both make for a comprehensive emotional journey.

Case Study: Year on Deck® Adds a New Dimension

Follow the journey of a school that implemented Year on Deck® alongside their yearbooks. Discover how these two keepsakes contribute to students' emotional well-being and community bonding.

Sustainability and Keepsakes: Year on Deck® Joins the Cause

Lasting Memories, Lasting Material

Yearbooks have been moving toward digital options and sustainable printing. Year on Deck® cards are 100% plastic, durable, and intended for long-term use. They're not just environmentally friendly; they're memory-friendly, too.

Year on Deck®: An Eco-Conscious Choice

Learn how Year on Deck® aligns with sustainable practices in schools. See how choosing this new keepsake alongside digital yearbooks can be a step forward in your school’s sustainability journey.

The Parent’s Guide to Year on Deck® and Yearbooks

Keepsakes through the Generations

Yearbooks have long been a treasure for parents and grandparents. Year on Deck® enters the scene as a new keepsake that offers an interactive and fun spin on capturing memories, a treasure for the new generation.

FAQ: Year on Deck® and Yearbooks Coexisting

Parents may have questions about how these two keepsakes can coexist. This FAQ section will outline why both are beneficial and how they create a richer family experience.

Beyond School - Taking Your Year on Deck® into the Future

From School Days to Future Plays

Yearbooks are a snapshot of your school years, often revisited at reunions or nostalgic moments. Year on Deck® is a dynamic keepsake you'll take into your future—college, first job, or even your own children's school years.

Testimonials: Alumni Speak

Hear from alumni who have found creative ways to use their Year on Deck® cards in their post-school lives. Whether it's breaking the ice at a college dorm or serving as a talking point at a job interview, discover how Year on Deck® keeps giving.

The Teacher's Perspective: Year on Deck® and Yearbooks in the Classroom

An Educational Keepsake: More Than Just Memories

Yearbooks offer a tangible record of student achievements, classroom events, and school activities. Year on Deck® adds an interactive layer to this, providing students with a hands-on approach to chronicling their year.

Teacher Testimonials: A New Tool for Classroom Engagement

Hear from educators about how integrating Year on Deck® into their school year has positively impacted student engagement, class spirit, and the overall learning environment.

Year on Deck® and Yearbooks: A Symbiotic Relationship

Building on Tradition: A Modern Complement to Yearbooks

Yearbooks are an established keepsake that captures the essence of the school year in a static format. Year on Deck® is a dynamic counterpart, enhancing the yearbook’s impact by involving the students in real-time voting, social interactions, and memory-making.

Coexistence and Collaboration: Why Both Are Necessary

Explore how Year on Deck® and traditional yearbooks can coexist and even collaborate to provide a richer, more comprehensive keepsake experience. We delve into possibilities like incorporating QR codes in yearbooks that link to your Year on Deck® digital profiles, creating a seamless integration between the two.