What happens in case of a tie??

A: In case of a tie, our system will randomly select a winner.

Can the titles of the categories be changed?

A: However, you can not change the title once the fundraiser has commenced and the countdown clock has started.

Can a vote be canceled or changed?

A: No, once votes have been cast, you can not cancel or vote again in the same category.

When will the students find out the winners of each superlative category?

A: The winners will be announced when the deck of cards is revealed.

Who selects the winner of the superlative categories?

A: The person with the most votes at the end of the voting campaign will be deemed the winner of that category and card.

How often can i vote?

A: You can vote once in as many categories as you want for 14 days.

What are the rules for voting?

A:: Students can sign-up before the countdown starts, but they will not be able to cast votes before then. At the end of the countdown, no more voting will be allowed. You can only vote for one person in each category. Only students from your school will be allowed to vote on your superlatives and participate in your school’s fundraiser.

What happens if I don’t reach the 500-deck minimum order?

A: In the case that your school does not reach the minimum order requirements of 500 decks, the cost will be as follows: From 100 to 499 decks it will cost $15.00 per deck.

What is your return policy?

A: Because our product is custom-made and manufactured specifically for your school, we do not offer refunds once the order has been processed. All processed orders are final. However, if the product is defective or damaged due to shipping, we will replace the damaged items within 30 days free of charge.

How will I know when my countdown is over?

A: A notification will be sent to you via email and posted on your dashboard on our website.

When will my fundraiser actually begin?

A: After you sign up on our website you will receive your promotional poster in (5 to 7 business days) to display throughout the school. You should advertise through your internal media programs what the start date will be so everyone in the school will be prepared to download the app and start voting. When you are ready, simple login to your account on our website and click the “Start My Fundraiser” button located at the top on the dashboard, this will start the countdown and begin your fundraiser.

How do I pay for the decks of cards and complete my order?

A: When you are ready to process your order, login to your account on our website and click “Tally My Order” located on your dashboard, this will give you an account summary of your fundraiser. From there, simple click “Process My Order” and use one of the following payment options that apply.

How much time do I have to place my order after the fundraiser and countdown ends?

A: Typically, when the countdown has ended, schools continue to take orders for the rest of the school week. There is not a deadline to process your order. However, it is suggested that orders be correlated with the Yearbook sales and delivery to present them together.

How much money can I make utilizing Year on Deck® Fundraiser compared to other fundraisers?

A: The success of our fundraiser is based on the happiness, satisfaction, participation and support of the students. For as many students you have, you have an equal potential opportunity to raise more money. If your school has 2,500 students and only half of them purchase 1 deck of Year on Deck playing cards™, you will earn over $12,000 dollars. If you sold 625 decks, only 1 out 4 students, you will earn $5,425 dollars

In spite of the great financial benefits, we pride ourselves on the Keepsakes for the students. Keepsakes make us feel connected to each other, the past, and the future. They are meaningful, unique gifts and a way to build closer bonds. Year on Deck® Playing cards will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. Priceless!

When and How will I receive my order?

A: You will receive your products within 30 days of receipt of your order. Your products will be delivered by one of our reputable carriers including FedEx, UPS and United States Postal Service. Please keep in mind due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impact, shipping time and delivery may vary. Please be rest assured that we will do everything within our power to deliver your order in a timely manner.

Can a participant get a refund before the purchase order has been processed?

A. Yes, go to the “Place Order” page in your Dashboard, search the name of the purchaser and click “Refund” to return the amount paid. The name will appear on the Refund list.