Out With The Old, In With The New!

Year on Deck® is the first fundraiser of its kind.

Unlike traditional fundraisers, where students are obligated to sell products and ask family and friends for donations; students purchase Year on Deck® playing cards for themselves, like the Yearbook, and the school raises money.

Year on Deck® Fundraiser caters to students while contributing to schools. Now students can participate in school fundraising by engaging in something they enjoy rather than consuming their time and energy with the challenge and obligation to sell and collect funds.

Sure, there are a number of different fundraisers for schools, but without the students selling or soliciting, no other fundraiser would be lucrative.

No more products and gimmicks, only students and schools who appreciate the fun and rewards of fundraising.


Year on Deck® playing cards is a commemorative keepsake of the school year that compliments the yearbook. It’s a reflection of the student body, representing a variety of personalities, interests, and backgrounds. This beautiful diversity is showcased in the category of each card and will be enjoyed now and for years to come.

Year on Deck® is an interactive fundraiser for schools. Each deck of fifty-two cards is comprised of fifty-two fun superlative categories to vote from such as: Most likely to succeed and best dressed boy and girl. One category assigned to each card. The student body votes for their friends and fellow peers for each category. The person with the most votes in the categories will be featured on the cards in the Year on Deck® for the school year. The entire school gets involved and is part of the creativity and memories for Year on Deck®.

Attention Yearbook Adviser

Year after year, schools run fundraisers that benefit the school, athletics, or specific departments. Year on Deck® is a fundraiser specifically for a school’s yearbook. Knowing that yearbook students and their advisers spend a tremendous amount of time inside and outside of school preserving the school’s memories, it is our goal to make this fundraiser as easy as possible. There is no new technology to learn and no catalogs to carry around. Yearbook students will simply promote the Year on Deck® fundraiser alongside the yearbook. Through the use of poster campaigns, social media, and the school’s internal media program, this fundraiser keeps students focused on their goal of preserving the school’s legacies for future generations.


Being an interactive fundraiser, Year on Deck® works with your yearbook program saving both time and energy. With fifty-two different categories for superlatives and an online interactive way for voting and organization, students will be able to use data from the fundraiser to select superlatives for the yearbook. The category names from the fundraiser could easily be changed to coincide with the year’s theme. For example: instead of using the category, “Best Smile,” it could be changed to “Most likely to become a Colgate model.” Year on Deck® will save you many hours of setting up the voting process and then counting the votes as well as giving you a more accurate representation of your student body.

This fundraiser is an easy way to both raise money for your program as well as save you countless hours while putting together a treasured book of your school’s memories and legacies.


Here’s How It Works

Register on our website and upload the same name files and portrait photos used in the yearbook. All data is encrypted to ensure privacy and security. These names and photos will then be organized using our proprietary app, shown above, in combination with the superlative categories. Year on Deck® will provide promotional materials to help facilitate the sales of Year on Deck® cards. Using the systems your school already has in place, this fundraiser aligns itself with your school’s yearbook sales.


Participants download the Year on Deck® Fundraiser FAV 52 app on their mobile phone and create an account. Only members from your school will be allowed to vote on your superlatives. Participants can vote in as many categories they want (Participants may only vote once per category). Simply pick the category and enter the name of the person they wish to vote for. The more votes, the more fun. The winners will be announced when the deck of cards is revealed. The program process is approximately 8 weeks: 2 weeks for voting, and 4 to 6 weeks to receive you order.

Here’s How You Make Money

No-Risk, Great Rewards!

Earn between 40% - 50% Profit!

2 Sales Price Options: Presell decks along with the Yearbook for $20 or $25 without yearbook purchase.

Cost Per Deck and Profits: The more you sell, the cheaper the decks cost and the more you make.

Sale Price - Cost = Profit.

Some Quick Calculations

Number of Decks Sold @ $20 Each 500-999 (40%) 1,000-1499 (45%) 1,500+ (50%)
Sale Price $20 $20 $20
Cost for Deck $11.32 $10.28 $10
School’s Net Profit Per Deck $8.68 $9.72 $10.00
No-Risk. Great Rewards. Earn between 40% to 50% profit.
Gross Sales $10,000 $20,000 $30,000
Cost for Decks $5,660 $10,280 $15,000
School’s Net Profit $4,340 $9,720 $15,000