Our Purpose

Year on Deck® Fundraiser began with a clear vision to simplify a common problem in the fundraising world: most fundraisers struggle to generate much interest among their buyers and are thus less effective than they should be.

Indeed, most of the participants who handle the fundraising approach it as a duty rather than embracing the chance to have some fun while supporting their schools. One explanation for this dissatisfaction is that, each year, many schools prefer to replicate the same old fundraisers. Why is this happening? Exploring new and innovative projects, which will create excitement among supporters and students, requires time and a special kind of energy. Many fundraising committees are made up of people whose power lies in implementing plans versus actively dreaming about new possibilities.


These people are capable of estimating, analyzing information, producing papers, presenting, etc. They accomplish their responsibilities the same mundane way each and every time. But sometimes these committee volunteers struggle in one crucial aspect of their responsibility; that being, they fail to see the larger picture around them because they aren’t emotionally invested. In the world of fundraising, they underestimate the vital significance of the idea behind the initiative and how the final result or "big picture" alone can turn something dreadful into something beautiful for everyone involved.

Year on Deck® Fundraiser is a New and Exciting concept that will bring the word "fun" back into your next fundraiser.

Our Why

There are two aspects to our competitive edge that makes Year on Deck® the perfect choice for your next school fundraiser.

First, our fundraiser is distinguished from others because we have reconfigured the structure of the system of fundraising; eliminating students from selling products and soliciting funds. This alone makes our fundraiser more appealing to students and susceptible to success. As we know, students are the heartbeat of any successful school fundraiser.

Secondly, we have created an exclusive product that integrates commemorating memories, social interaction and games with school funding. No other fundraiser contends because our product caters to the students. Whereas, other fundraisers appeal to supporters. Year on Deck® fundraiser promotes traditions and camaraderie. It is an exciting new experience that you can discover and welcome.

Our Mission

To build and establish a new tradition in school fundraising; to bring back "FUN" to Fundraiser!