A Timeless Tradition with a Fresh Innovation

Embrace the evolution of cherished keepsakes! Your timeless yearbook now has a pocket-sized companion to enrich its impact: Year on Deck®. This fresh, interactive keepsake beautifully complements your yearbook, offering a richer and more dynamic celebration of student life.

The Keepsake That's a Game-Changer

Looking for a way to keep school memories alive and interactive? Year on Deck® is a keepsake and a playable deck of cards, sparking conversations and reliving memories every time you shuffle the deck. Year on Deck® provides a new, interactive, and enduring way to cherish your school years. It's not just a keepsake; it's a deck of memories that can be revisited and shared time and time again.

Community-Curated Memories

Like the yearbook, Year on Deck® is a reflection of your student body—its diverse personalities, interests, and backgrounds. What sets it apart? The involvement! Students vote for their peers in various categories like "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Class Clown," making it a community-built treasure.

Attention Yearbook Adviser and Administrators

Introducing Year on Deck®: The Next-Generation Keepsake Designed to Complement Your Yearbook. Yearbooks are traditionally the go-to keepsake for capturing a school's cherished memories. But what if there was a fresh, interactive way to treasure these moments that students could engage with long after graduation? We bring you Year on Deck®—a revolutionary keepsake that stands beside your yearbook, preserving memories and adding layers of interaction, fun, and personal connection.

Collaborate, Don't Complicate

Why reinvent the wheel? Year on Deck® aligns seamlessly with your yearbook production. Utilize the same photos, integrate similar categories, and even share the data collected from student voting. This isn't just a keepsake; it's a collaborator that makes life easier for yearbook committees!


Here’s How It Works

Sign up on our secure website and upload your school's name files and portrait photos featured in the yearbook. Your data is fully encrypted to guarantee the utmost privacy and security. We'll organize these names and images using our specialized app, seamlessly integrating them with unique categories that capture your school's spirit.

To enrich the Year on Deck® experience, we provide customized promotional materials that align perfectly with your existing yearbook activities. This isn't another fundraiser ideas for high school, it's an enhancement to your yearbook that adds an interactive layer of fun and remembrance.

Students can participate by downloading the exclusive Year on Deck® Keepsake FAV 52 app to their mobile devices. Once an account is created, only members from your school community can vote in various categories. Participants can vote once per category, adding their favorite names for each. The thrill amplifies with every vote cast!

Stay tuned for the grand reveal of the Year on Deck® playing cards, set to take place within an 8-week window—two weeks allocated for voting and 4 to 6 weeks for production and delivery. Get ready to relive the memories, the friendships, and the unique identity of your school year in a whole new way.

Here’s How You Make Money

No-Risk, Great Rewards!

Earn between 40% - 50% Profit!

2 Sales Price Options: Presell decks along with the Yearbook for $20 or $25 without yearbook purchase.

Cost Per Deck and Profits: The more you sell, the cheaper the decks cost and the more you make.

Sale Price - Cost = Profit.

Some Quick Calculations

Number of Decks Sold @ $20 Each 500-999 (40%) 1,000-1499 (45%) 1,500+ (50%)
Sale Price $20 $20 $20
Cost for Deck $11.32 $10.28 $10
School’s Net Profit Per Deck $8.68 $9.72 $10.00
No-Risk. Great Rewards. Earn between 40% to 50% profit.